Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Tomboy

Baylee came from the Odd & Unusual sale at a local auction market. I went there in search of a pot bellied pig and came home with her. Her mom (a border collie) along with her litter mates where there to be sold in the auction, but when the sale was done only 1 of the 4 puppies sold. So on our way out to leave we decided to take one more look at what was left to go through the auction and came upon the 3 puppies tied to the fence and of course I could not leave without petting them. Well big mistake, I walked over and she rolled on her back for a belly rub and suckered me in with those big brown eyes.

Baylee is definitely the Tomboy of the bunch, not very girly at all. She prefers to boss everyone around (her name is usually followed with "Be Nice"), stay full of mud whenever possible (and then try and sleep on the bed) and herd. She is not particular to what she is herding either as long as it is smaller than her, the cats, goats and most recently the chihuahua foster dog Jewel that is staying with us. She helps her on her way to her bed, waits for her to burrow in the blankets and then lays down and stares for several minutes waiting for her to move. I usually try to find something to distract her as I am sure she would lay there all night if she could.

So in the end I guess I did sort of get pot bellied pig , she definitely has a little pot belly on her and likes to roll around in the mud like a pig....