Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloggers Block

Not sure if I have had bloggers block or just lack of interest. First off I lost my camera so that might have had something to do with it, then holidays, then the unfortunate passing of my sweet little furry buddy Archie and now the task of combining two households I have not had time or the interest. More so the interest I think, losing 3 furry babes in 4 months has taken a toll on me, I just keep thinking of how many more times I will have to go through that and it makes me sad again. I can honestly say that once the furry kids I have go there will be no more, its too hard, way too hard. (I know anyone who knows me is calling b.s. on that statement, but honest its true). Add to all of that the human kid that is playing soccer in my belly right now, whacking out my hormones and stealing my brain cells it does not help at all!

But I did find my camera so that is a start......here is what was on it.

Jessi was getting random sores on her body, never really knew why, no rhyme or reason to it but every so often they would appear. She would go months without one and then it would flare up again. First I thought it was haircuts, happened right after one, but then the next two it didn't.

One of them got quite bad and she would not leave it alone so I had to resort to a cone. Does she not look most impressed about it?

I changed her food recently and that seems to have done the trick. I made a few food changes prior but it never seemed to work, this time upon a friends recommendation I bought one that is corn free. So far so good, but with the luck I seem to have this year I will find one after I hit publish post.

With combining household comes a few new furry additions, so pictures of the new kids to come.