Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have been slacking big time when it comes to blogging. To be honest it made me sad, I would look back at the old posts and all it brought was saddness. I miss Sophie and Rylee more than words can even describe, even typing this makes me teary. Well enough of that stuff.

Meet our new little terror, although she is not very little, rather large to be honest.

She has been quite the challenge to say the least, but that has been a good thing, keeps me busy and makes life very entertaining.

She is amazingly patient and great with Noah and that is what is most important. The little dogs are glad to have someone else around to distract him. I look forward to watching my babies grow up together.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Other Baby

Jasper thinks Noah's stuff (toys, swing & bouncy chair) are the best. He likes to lay under the bouncy chair and attack his feet (hes gentle about it and Noah thinks its hilarious), bathe in his swing and play with his toys. The scared little cat is no more, he is now a big, outgoing pain in the a$$, but we still love him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Won over

Guess he really is a ladies man after all.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Clean Up

Is Zoey's favorite job.....

She is not a big fan of kids, but is definatley a fan of the mess they leave behind.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ladies Man

Jasper thinks he's a ladies man.

The ladies think otherwise.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is Jasper. He is another addition to my long list of why I think some people really suck.

He was found on the side of the Coaldale highway by the Atco Gas guy in -25 degree weather. He saw him in the ditch, pulled over to see if he was still alive and told him to hang on, he had to go to another call and would pick him up on the way back. So Jasper waited. The mans next stop after picking him up was my grandma's house to re-light her furnace. He jokingly asked him she knew anyone who rescued animals, to which she happily replied her granddaughter. Dogs grandma, not cats. So out to his van I went to see this poor cold little guy lying in the bottom of the kennel not moving just glancing up when the door opened. Fearing the worst I said I would take him, the least I could do if he was in that bad of shape was take him to the vet and put him to rest, he had been through enough. I loaded him in my truck and headed home to call and make an appointment with the vet. I brought the carrier in the house, gave him some water, a blanket and put it in the warm laundry room until it was time to go. Not even 15 minutes later the little bugger had snuck out of the kennel and was doing figure eights at my feet purring like crazy, other than a bad case of ear mites he was fine, just had to warm up. Turns out he is friendly, cuddly, litter trained, loves dogs, cats, people and kids and is pretty perfect. I emailed some people to see if anyone wanted him, to no reply.

So to the stupid jerk that dumped their perfect cat on the side of the road, I hope you come back as your own animal in your next life. You do not deserve the unconditional love an animal has to give, you only deserve what you give to those animals.

So as much as I do not want another animal to love and have to say goodbye to one day, Jasper and the other boys in my house decided I did not have a choice. Plus he is the only one willing to sit with me and cuddle during Noah's 3am feeding, I look past the part that he is purring so much he is drooling on my arm!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not About The Dogs

It has been a crappy year to say the least, well minus the cute guy above. Lost 4 of my furry kids and then a few weeks ago my grandpa also passed away. So in the car on the way home today I heard a song and it made me think of my little guy and put into words what I think when I look at him, especially with the rollercoaster of emotions this year has been.

I was honestly scared to death about having a baby. I am a dog person, not a kid person, my nephews and niece are great, in small doses. I did not want to responsible for someone, I even remembering asking my friend what happens if I do not love him as much as my dogs! I was freaked out to say the least, I mean what kind of mother says that! Then I saw his face when he was seconds old, I cried, and now find myself so in love with the little guy and wondering how boring it was without him. Now my thoughts are how to protect him from all the horrible things in the world, how to keep him from being hurt by people, how to keep him from feeling sadness and the pain of losing someone or something you care about. I guess these are the things that help us grow, help us to become who we are and we need to experience them, but I still cannot help but feel exactly as the song says.

Never Grow Up
You're little hands wrapped around my finger
And it's so quiet in the world tonight.
You're little eyelids flutter cause your dreaming
So I tuck you in
Turn on your favorite night light.
To you, everything's funny
You got nothing to regret.
I'd give all I had, honey
If you could just stay like that.

Oh, darling don't you ever grow up
Don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little.
Oh, darling don't you ever grow up
Don't you ever grow up
It can stay this simple.

I won't let nobody hurt you, won't let no one break your heart.
And no one will desert you
Just try to never grow up, and never grow up.

Your in the car on the way to the movies
And, your mortified
Your mom's dropping you off
At, fourteen there's just so much you can't do
And you cant't wait to move out someday and call your own shots.
But, don't make her drop you off around the block
Remember that she's getting older too.
And don't lose the way you dance around in your PJ's getting
ready for school.

Oh, darling don't you ever grow up
Don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little.
Oh, darling don't you ever grow up
Don't you ever grow up
It can stay this simple.

And no ones ever burned you
Nothing's ever left you scarred.
And even though you want to
Just try to never grow up.

~Taylor Swift~