Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Jerk

After my Great Pyrenese, Nike, passed away I thought the last thing I ever wanted was another dog. She was my first dog and I took it very hard. But the days passed and it was just Buddy, Baylee, Rylee & me, and it really felt like something was missing. I had been looking on the different rescue sites and thought maybe this time I wanted something a bit smaller than Nike was, and feel in love with all the cute chihuahua's I saw. But unfortunatley none of the ones that where avaliable seemed to fit in with my other three, and then someone told me about a website for a breeder. I went on there to have a look and saw this cute little pom/chi cross that she had avaliable and gave her a call. So one Sunday evening we made the drive out to her place to "have a look", I mean really who was I kidding, so home came Casey. Shortly after we got home he decided that the best place to sleep was in his home made hammock under the bed, he made holes in the bottom of the box spring and would climb in for a nap.

Casey really is not your typical chihuahua, he can be yappy but loves everyone especially my nephew Nikolas, when Nik is here he and Casey are not far from each other. Unfortunatley Casey had a bad experience with my first foster dog a Great Pyrenese named Gracie, she was a great dog but had never really played before and was quite rough when she did. Casey was used to playing with Ben also a Great Pyrenese who was very gentle and since they looked the same he was always wanting to play. But after a few rough sessions Casey became very scared and would rather hide under the bed instead and growl whenever she came near him. Gracie has been gone for over a year now but he still feels its necessary to do sneak attacks from under the bed to any dog that is bigger than him, hence the nickname "The Jerk". Good thing for Casey my furry nephew Logan is usually on the recieving end of those and he just ignores him. But besides that he is a great little dog, loves to cuddle under the blankets, loves people, is great with little dogs, loves his brother Rylee and even his bratty sister Roxy (who really is his sister as they have the same dad). I think this is where my love for chihuahua's started, with this sweet little white bug eyed boy.