Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Guests

So not only are my dogs here but my sister and her dog Izzy also live here. Izzy is actually one of Sophie's puppies. She does not really do much other than sleep, eat and play and did I mention sleep, she's kind of a lazy dog. Then there are the guests that come to stay often,

Logan, also one of Sophie's puppies who belongs to my brother. He and Izzy are best friends and do not like to be apart for too long.

Alfie who is my sister's dog, he is Roxy & Casey's BFF and they play nonstop.

And Paddy (left) & Darby who are my grandparents dogs. Paddy is also one of Sophie's puppies, she had quite the little rainbow litter. Paddy likes to go swimming in the pond while Darby much prefers to be herding the goats, she is a tad bit obsessive about it.

Things are never dull here and there is always someone getting into trouble.... usually its Logan...