Friday, December 19, 2008

The Princess

This is the fist time I ever saw Zoey, in a photo, she had been picked up by a local pound and was waiting for her owners to claim her. A few days later I went to the pound with one of the dog rescue people to bring back a few dogs who's time was up so the rescue was taking them. There she sat scared and shaking in a little kennel, she could not come as there where still a few days left for her owners to claim her, I could have cried when I left thinking of her sitting in the cold smelly place. Well 5 days after she had been picked up her owners finally called to say she was theirs. The animal control guy told them the fine was $25 and they could have her back, can you believe they said forget it!!! I just really do not get some people. So one Friday after work I drove down there to get her and another dog and made our way back home. Then begged and pleaded for them to let me foster her and brought her home. Within the first few hours of her being home I knew she was not going anywhere, I just had to figure how to convince the rescue to let me adopt her. After some pleading and agreeing that this would not mean I was going to stop fostering they let me!! For the record I have had over 35 foster dogs and only kept two of them.

So Princess Zoey has been with me for 3 months now and spends her days sleeping and relaxing like a princess should. She is a good little girl and has not had an accident in the whole time I have had her, she had a few other incidents but those I will save for another time. She loves to cuddle on the couch, knows how to charm her way into getting treats and is learning how to play and have fun like a dog should. Why no one would want her back for $25 is beyond me...