Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Boss

Rylee was a first for me. I had always been a big dog person never really wanted a little dog, let alone a little boy dog, never had good experiences with little boy dogs always peeing on things or humping. But then I met Mr. Rylee.

My mom was working at a grooming shop and a lady brought in some puppies that she wanted to sell. His brother and sister where snapped up right away leaving Rylee all alone. Since I rode to work with my mom in the morning I would usually walk down there on my lunch hour and then after work I would have to hang out for a bit until she was done. So to pass the time I would play with the store cat or, since there was a puppy there play with him. Well Rylee preferred to cuddle and fall asleep in my arms instead of playing. So day after day I would go there cuddle him until he feel asleep, hold him for awhile then go back to work or leave for the day. Well Rylee started to enjoy our cuddle time and would get excited when I would get to the shop. After a few days of contemplating (or maybe it was seconds) Rylee came home to join the family.

Life with a small puppy was quite a challenge, big dogs are soooo much easier to potty train. It never occurred to me not to let him sleep on the bed at night when he was little, all the big dogs did, they would just jump down in the middle of the night if they had to go outside. Well it did not take long to find out that was not the case with Rylee, instead I woke up to a warm puddle by my pillow. Then there was the trip to Calgary, we went shopping for the day and took him along since he loved car rides. He refused to go to the bathroom the entire trip, no matter how many walks and stops we made to let him go, he chose instead to wait until we where seconds from home and went on my lap, not fun, kind of funny now but not at the time.

My baby boy is now 5 years old and still as cute as ever. He is well behaved, still loves to cuddle and makes sure everyone in the house knows he runs the show. He may be little but he is still the boss of the house. I know your not suppose to have a favorite, and not admitting that I do, but I might....