Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I Love Dogs

Some recent events in my life have made me realize even more than I already do just how much easier dogs have it than people.

1) Dogs cannot talk, thus avoiding conflict, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and opening your mouth before the words are processed in your head (been there many a time, usually its funny but more often than not embarrassing).

2) Dogs do not judge, color, size, background and gender do not matter to them. (Although I do think sometimes Rylee gives me the "your such a dummy" look).

3) Arguments between dogs (in my house at least) last a few moments and within seconds they are back to playing with each other.

4) Dogs are forgiving. No matter how much they have been hurt by someone they always seem to find the courage to forgive.

5) Dogs do not have to worry about having enough money.

6) If your a dog its OK if you are lazy and want to sleep all day once and awhile.
I could go on and on but you get my point, I am sure if they could talk they would tell us otherwise. But at this moment I really want to come back as a dog in my next life. Preferably as either my own or one of a few people I know....