Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday Boy!

My baby boy is 6 today. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed when I actually think about it. I still remember the cute little fluff ball that would fall asleep in my arms.

So today will be filled with lots of cuddles, extra special treats, a truck ride and a cheeseburger!!

Since I have not had a foster dog in a few weeks I have really noticed just how much it affects my own dogs, especially Rylee. He always like to sleep out on the couch or in the sun on the dog bed but the past year stays mostly in the bedroom which I thought was just him being him (he is a little crusty sometimes). But since there is no foster dog around he likes to hang out with me in the livingroom on the couch and is a much happier dog. I am guessing he feels there is enough competition for attention with the ones that live there already and then I keep adding to it. Poor guy I feel bad now, hopefully the cheeseburger will help him forgive me =)


Anonymous said...

Hmm, similar posts but mine has less hair and legs :) Happy Birthday!

Bobbi said...

Lol, very true