Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sad Momma

So Desi, Izzy & Chip the ancient goldfish moved out over the weekend and are now living in the big city. Sadly Chip did not take well to moving and passed away on Monday, poor Chip. Jem the cat stayed, her new roommate has a cat and I am sure Jem would just end up beating him up so it was decided she should stay, she beats on Archie and he is used to it, she is kind of a cow to be honest. Things have been very quiet (and clean) at the house since the move and I have been enjoying the place to myself. Now you would think that Sophie would also enjoy the quiet, her bratty daughter finally moving out so now she can relax and enjoy the quiet with no one bugging her, well not so much. Sophie is sad, depressed actually. She mopes around the house, sleeps all the time and just seems blah. Logan came over to visit his momma last night but he was way to tired from daycare to play so all she got to do was give him his usual face/ear wash. Sophie is still very young at heart and loves to play, so hopefully with no daycare today and having to be in a kennel while I am at work, Logan will be full of energy and ready to play when I get home so she will cheer up. And I promised her weather permitting that we would go to the off leash park this weekend too, which she loooooveeeesss. Poor old girl I feel bad for her!