Monday, February 9, 2009

Foster Dog Poem

I also foster for the CCRT (Canadian Chihuahua & Rescue Transport) although I have not had a foster dog from them in quite awhile, the majority of their dogs are in Ontario and that are and rarely do we get many here in Alberta, that combined with being busy with the local rescue I have opted out of fostering the past few times one has come up. A few months ago this was posted on their chat forum and every time I read it I think of all my foster but especially my two girls Sophie & Zoey. I could never imagine giving up one of my dogs, no matter what, they are mine and will be mine until it is their time to cross over. I understand that sometimes it has to happen but for both of them it was just stupid selfish people. Sophie's people moved and did not want either of their dogs and left them behind at the county dog catchers & Zoey's thought $25.00 was too much for her after she was picked up by the animal control guy. What is even more sad is that if the rescue had not taken them they would have been put down. But they are mine now and never have to worry about that again...


I adopted your dog today
The one you left at the pound
The one you had for seven years and no longer wanted around.

I adopted your dog today
Do you know he's lost weight?
Do you know he's scared and depressed and has lost all faith?

I adopted your dog today.
He had fleas and a cold,but don't worry none.
You've unburdened your load.

I adopted your dog today.
Were you having a baby or moving away?
Did you suddenly develop allergies or was there no reason he couldn't stay?

I adopted your dog today.
He doesn't play or eat much
He's very depressed, but he will learn again to trust.

I adopted your dog today.
And here he will stay.
He's found his forever home and a warm bed on which to lay.

I adopted your dog today.
And I will give him all that he could need.
Patience, love, security, and understanding.
Hopefully he will forget your selfish deed.

Author - Unknown


Alana said...

Love that poem!!!