Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sad Farewell

The goats went off to their new home today..... after much contemplating I decided to find them a new home. They love being with the horses and since the horses have run of the field the goats liked to wander with them and end up at my uncles and he was not too happy about it, even Fort Knox fencing could not keep them in some days.



Ruby (the daughter)

Max (the son)

Gracie (the mom)

Ronnie (the dad)

I am going to miss them and really wish I lived somewhere else so it would not be a problem...I am sure they will be ok, its my friends parents who took them and promised me they would not eat them....


onecollie said...

gosh I hope they don't eat them!!!!...they are too darn cute to eat!!!!!

miradukesadie said...

awww, they are really cute =)

Alana said...

You're a good momma. I know how much trouble you were having with them eating your underwear ;) HAHAHA!