Monday, September 28, 2009

How it all began

People have asked me....why goats???
Well you see I am a sucker for a friends dad was given a Pygmy goat from an old neighbour who passed away, she was blind in one eye and stubborn as they come....but she was awesome at the same time..... I named her Elly Mae.

She thought she was a dog....followed me everywhere outside....slept on the doorstep....would bang on the door if she wanted to be pet...loved rides in the truck, once I was cleaning my car and left the doors open when I went inside to get something and I came out to her curled up in the backseat.

Even decided to make the dog house her home.

Eventually she got lonely so Gracie came to be her friend, she hated her though, then Ronnie came and eventually the babies. Elly Mae often got sick but after many trips to an understanding vet (OK well he really thought I was crazy for putting so much into a goat) and alot of late nights spent giving her fluids in the shed in minus 30 weather but she always pulled though. After one bad episode she went to stay at my parents and did very well there following my dad around while he did chores, I think she thought he was the little old man she used to live with. She passed away a few years ago and I can honestly say that was a sad day, she was one of a kind thats for sure.

I found these of the little family when I was sorting through pictures.

The barn cats suffered from an identity crisis too, they thought they were goats.

I forgot just how stinking cute they were!


onecollie said...

I could totally have a goat!!