Friday, August 21, 2009


This is my new foster dog, and I love her, like really love her. Her name is Jessi and she was one of four dogs that I went to pick up a few weeks ago, their owner suddenly passed away and the family did not want the dogs anymore. Jessi's brother and sisters have all gone off to their new homes and she is patiently awaiting hers.

Jessi is a bit of a project, she is very timid and does not take to new people, but with time patience and the right approach her true fantastic personality comes through. She is still unsure of the big dogs, could really care less about the the little ones and does not even bother with the cats. She is housetrained and is happy to cuddle on the couch or dog bed with Zoey. I think what I love the most is that when you see her and Baylee side by side they are like Dr. Evil and Mini Me, same colouring and haircut.

She has only been at my house for a few days and I think this is going to be the hardest one to say goodbye to, so hopefully someone will want her soon, very, very soon!!! I think I have decided no more foster dogs for me, I thought it would get easier with each one, but its just getting harder. Especially with the ones like Jessi, who are not the happy go lucky kind and really could care less were they are or who they are with. I just get the poor little girl to trust me and then ship her off to another strange place. I always wonder if they think I am sending them away, or do not care about them anymore, I know I am crazy its ok I accepted that along time ago! :)