Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zoey's Bug (WARNING - Not for the faint of heart)

So Zoey had been with me for a few weeks and had become very used to going for car rides so one Sunday I had a few things to pick up at the store so we loaded up in the car and headed on our way. Now having already been on several car rides before without incident she positioned herself in her usual spot on my lap (I know very bad dog mom) and we went on our way. Somewhere between my house and Costco she was silently car sick, on my lap and allowing me my first experience with round worms (I was ready to be car sick too). So horrified by the experience we headed back home after stopping for dewormer at the vet clinic.

So the next Sunday I am hanging out with the dogs watching tv and Zoey went from sound asleep on my lap to wide awake and down onto the kitchen floor. Now if you know Zoey at all you know she is too much of a princess to actually jump down off the couch by herself let alone quickly, so I knew something was up. She paced for a few minutes before proceeding to silently get sick again so off i went to get the paper towel and clean it up. And this is what I came back to......
Horrified I immediately called the vet clinic to see if there was anything I needed to worry about and as long as she was eating and drinking everything was ok, and I was told just to keep an eye on her. And with this conversation and the questions Kendra (the vet) asked I convinced myself it was just a toy that she must have ingested before she came to live with me.

So of course I had to take it to work the next day to show everyone and make sure they all thought it was a toy too. Well we decided to disect it and with the assistance of google discovered, not a toy, actually a cray fish missing its pincher's. Most disgusting thing I have ever had happen to me, EVER, I still get creeped out thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That thing is creepy. Remind me to not let my boys sleep over at your place. LMAO!

Bobbi said...

Tell me about it, I know it did not come from my house, so who knows how long it was in her for. Needless to say I did not let her sleep on my bed for a long time after that!!