Sunday, January 25, 2009

40 Things

So Sandy has tagged me in a blog game to list 40 things about me, she must not know me very well as I do not think there are 40 things I have to tell, but here goes....

1. I am the oldest of 5 children in my family (plus have 2 older half brothers)

2. I have 7 dogs

3. I have 4 cats, 5 if you count my sisters cat who has some weird fascination with me

4. In 29 years I have never lived alone

5. My first real job other than babysitting was a kennel person at a vet clinic

6. I was an honours student in school

7. I used to figure skate (was pretty decent at it too)

8. I have a holland lop bunny named Moo (she's back & white) whom I litter trained

9. I love to travel but usually get homesick for my dogs after 2 days

10. I am a neat freak, kind of OCD about it

11. The first car I purchased myself was a 1981 VW Rabbit, I loved that car!

12. I have 2 horses, Cherokee & Betsy

13. I am very stubborn

14. I hate to disappoint people

15. I have a 8 year old shark in my fish tank, he has almost died 3 times, lost his fins twice and jumped out of the tank once

16. I hate eating fish but love tuna sandwiches

17. I hate driving

18. I am not a morning person

19. I love cleaning (OCD neat freak)

20. I have trouble saying no (hate to disappoint)

21. My favorite colour is purple

22. I have horrible luck, if something can possibly go wrong it will

23. I have only had stitches once, when i was 2 and fell into a coffee table and split my lower lip

24. I hate dresses, was twirling in a dress for #23, last time I wore one was a year ago for my friends wedding, 10 years before that at grad and 16 years before that for the stitches

25. I went to London, Paris & Rome for a school trip

26. Dropped out of bio in high school because we where forced to dissect a fetal pig and I could not do it

27. I hate summer, too hot

28. I love to read

29. I am the shortest of all my siblings

30. I made my youngest sister go to a New Kids on The Block concert with me while we where in Las Vegas (she loved it even though she denies it)

31. I love horror movies

32. I have never been to Disneyland

33. I have 2 tattoos

34. I once had 11 earrings in my ears (down to 4 now)

35. I used to be very shy, never talked, ever

36. I am impatient

37. I hate having my picture taken, I think I look horrible in photos

38. I am the worst judge of character, always want to believe everyone is nice and thats not always true

39. I am glad I am almost done

40. I am even more glad I am now done!!!

See told you not very interesting!!

So now I tag Alana....thats for the smartass comments on your blog =P


Anonymous said...

You, me and 38....