Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So the rescue took in a momma dog and 10 little puppies yesterday and I went over to have a peek at them. They are all very, very cute and I am sure they will get adopted very quickly once they are old enough.

As I mentioned before Sophie had a litter of puppies in Dec 2007, nine total, she had eight of them one day and then little Georgia came a whole day later, it was quite a surprise.

I went into it thinking puppies, awesome, they are fuzzy, cute and puppy breath is the best. Well was I ever wrong. For the first few weeks they are easy to care for, sleep and eat, sleep and eat. Then comes the eyes opening and they start moving around, still not so bad.

Soon their little legs gain strength and they start to move around their bed with the best attempts to escape their bed and then end up stranded, cannot get back in, and then cry and cry and cry.

Then comes feeding them, that was a challenge, messy!!!
And with solid food comes poop, lots and lots of poop. Did you know a puppy may eat 3 times a day but will poop 20!!!! Now multiply that by 9!!!!

Soon they are steady on their feet, noisy and moving around like a herd of elephants but each one in a different direction. And occasionally you get a moments peace, but only when they are asleep. Also this was the point where Sophie has had enough and wants nothing really to do with the little devils and hides from them when at all possible. Puppies do not care, mom #2 (me) is way more fun to terrorize, biting my socks, jumping on me with the intent to trip me so that I fall down and am on the bottom of the doggie pile.

And finally after 8 weeks of sleepless nights, the stench of puppies and no more nerves left for anyone to get on, they go home.

So needless to say my puppy experience was not fun, something I will never do again and I still wonder to myself why people do it on purpose!!!