Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Sophie is going on Friday to have her lump removed. To say I am nervous and worried does not even touch how I feel. Nothing is ever easy with Sophie.

This will be attempt number three to have this done. First time was when she went in for her spay and they were going to just take it off at that time. Well a routine spay turned in to a big mess and attempt number one for Sophie to check out on me.
Attempt number two was when she had her tummy problems and they went in to find she had two holes in her intestine, after a very long surgery it was decided to leave it. Attempt number two to check out on me. And now I am starting to take it personally.
So Friday will attempt number three, no other procedures just the lump removal, she is healthly, happy, extra annoying and all her blood wook checked out well last time she was at the vet. I am nervous knowing her past history and even more nervous as it is not my regular vet. Luckily one the girls in rescue is going to watch some surgeries that day so I am going to pester her for minute by minute updates, lucky girl!
So from now until I have her home Friday night I will be a mess, so if I see you and I am grumpy, start crying for no reason or bite your head off, SORRY!!!! I do not do well with stress with it has to do with my furry kids.


manymuddypaws said...

sending lots of good thoughts your way bobbi!!!!

Bobbi said...