Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad Momma

Why is Sophie dressed like this you ask.....because she is BAD!
Well almost a week after her surgery she scratched the incision and ripped apart 3 stitches and now has a gaping hole. We went to the vet who said to just keep flushing it out and eventually it will close itself up.
But how do you stop her from scratching?? Trust me its impossible, I am so freaking frustrated you have no idea. Its in the wrong spot for a cone & a tshirt rides too low. She sleeps in my room at night now and I do not sleep well, every little sound I wake up worried she is scratching. We make a few steps forward only for me to have to go to work and come home to her having undone what has been accomplished.

So today Tim and I fashioned this new outfit for her.

A pretty small collared shirt, a dress pin and lots of duck tape.

Oh yes and a pretty sock, snuggly duct taped in all the right places so not to fall off.

She is less than impressed, but neither am I so fair is fair!


onecollie said...

Balls are for Fetching...Neuter your Pet!!!
Great shirt Sophie!!! I have one too!