Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home again....

I went from plus 30 weather to minus 12 in the matter of 2 hours, but, at least I was smart enough to wear closed toe shoes on the way home unlike more than half the other people on the plane.

The dogs all survived, Zoey loved it with Uncle Allen but would not eat anything other than treats for him (brat), Rylee got to go to Great Grandma's & Grandpa's and had ice cream every night before bed, Roxy got to play dress up all week with Rayna & the rest of the gang hung out with Auntie Billie, needless to say everyone was well taken care of and I don't think they even missed me, okayed well maybe Zoey but thats it.

My favorite part of the trip was the Dolphin & Lion Habitat at the Mirage Hotel.

This guy was hilarious just hanging out in the trees having a nap. I loved the way his legs are hanging while his bum is up on the end log.

I could sit and watch the dolphins for hours! The dolphin that was a new born last year when we were there has grown up quite a bit. They had just taught her how to come up onto the ledge, she spent almost the whole time we were there trying so hard to do it but kept falling back into the water, so her mom had to show off and climb right up there (thats the mom on the ledge and the baby in behind). It was a funny sight to see, the mom would even swim in underneath to try and help her up.

So back to work.....I need to win the lottery I think!