Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trying to find hope

Sophie had a episode on Tuesday, I am not sure if it was a stroke, seizure or fainting as I only caught the tail end of it. She was in her room and I heard a loud thump to find her unresponsive and stiff on the floor. Within a few minutes and several frantic phone calls to anyone that would answer she got up and seemed fine. Ate her dinner, followed me around while I made supper begging for food, her usual self.

We got up Wednesday morning and she was a little less happy but still took treats and seemed ok for the most part. I called and made her an appointment for Thursday just to have her checked out to make sure everything was ok. By Wednesday afternoon she had gone downhill fast. She swayed when she walked, I had to carry her in from outside as she would just lay there and not get up and she was not eating. I took her in to the vet Wednesday night and after 2 hours and 2 different vets looking at her there is still no answers. They gave me some pain medication and I took her home as I knew she would be more comfortable here.

She was pretty groggy for the rest of the evening as a result of the meds and just slept on her bed. Thursday morning a bit back to her usual self, went outside on her own and ate some wet food that I gave her. This continued for the rest of Thursday and all day Friday.....until after she ate her dinner and we are back at square one. She does not want to eat again and is depressed.

I am not sure what to do anymore, I have spent a bunch already with no answers and its irritating the hell out of me. I have lost 3 already this year and have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach this will be number 4. I am now have a baby who lets me get sleep during the night but rather I lay awake worrying about Sophie. I am trying to find hope but I think it was all used up on Rylee and Archie, and in the end there was none for them.


onecollie said...

oh I am so sorry you are going through this :(
It does sound like she had a seizure, they will definately tire a dog out.
I hope you can get some answers, but she sure looks as if she is content just being at home surrounded by the love of her family.
take care of yourself