Monday, April 12, 2010

My Crappy Day

I thought I was doing better....until I picked up the mail this morning.

There was a nice sympathy card from Western Veterinary Specialists where Rylee was staying, filled with nothing but good things about my little boy. Every note I read was all so true about him, just how special he really was and how it took seconds for him to worm his way into your heart. With every note I read I cried harder and I missed him more. I wanted the next letter I opened to be from someone explaining to me why....but there was no letter. I pulled myself together and went to work.

Had a few rescue calls to return, one from a lady who is interested in one of our dogs and recently lost her dog. She cried, I held it together until the end of the call and went into the bathroom and cried again. I pulled myself together and went back to work.

Picked up Nik and headed to my friends to feed her cats and Nik was his usual chatty self in the car. Told me his heart hurts and he missed Rylee and numerous other pets that have died. I cried again, hoping not to let Nik see as he is a super sensitive little guy and would probably cry too. But nothing gets by him, he knew I was upset and told it would all be ok, they were in heaven now and we get to see them again, and until then we just have to look at the stars and tell them we miss them. That did make me smile.

I am glad today is over and tired of being an emotional mess, so I hope tomorrow is better and it will be.