Monday, January 4, 2010


If I did not have bad luck I would have no luck at all...seriously I am not sure what else could go wrong in past month.

First the extended warranty runs out on my truck.....a week before this happens I had to have a transmission over haul, only to have it break down 2 days after getting it back...still covered under warranty but frustrating all the same. Ever since the day the warranty ended something has been going I decided to buy myself a Christmas present and ordered a GMC Terrain. Started my truck last week and it made a horrible noise, praying all the way to the dealership that it was the transmission because at least it is still covered....nope, rather a water pump....bill to fix $800!! Luckily I have a handy guy in my life and we fixed it for $100 (and a lot of swearing in the process), the cost of the part, its unreal what the labour charges are for mechanical work.

Also shortly before Christmas I was walking across the street, in a crosswalk with a walk signal, when some idiot in a truck with a dirty windshield plowed into me. Thank god he was turning the corner so was not a very fast speed, but still, hit by a freaking truck.....I am still trying to figure out what the heck I did wrong there. The stupid insurance company has been far from helpful, I now totally understand why my clients are so frustrated when they have claims. The adjuster actually asked me why I was not paying attention, I don't know about you but I normally do not cross the street looking behind me!

But even with all the frustration I walk past Sophie's bed and see this......
And I forget all the crappy stuff and smile.....I love it when I see the two of them snuggling together.
I love these guys so much....I could not imagine life without them, they make me smile everyday.


miradukesadie said...

Let me get this straight you ordered a new? GMC, it breaks in the first 2 weeks, and they won't pay it??? Come on - give me their phone number seriously. I got Dustin's truck door fixed for free after the wind caught it and it was used! As well as a free detail

Crazy Dog Lady said...

No the new vehicle is on order and will not be here until Feb sometime, this is the p.o.s. I am currently driving, or trying not to in case something else decides to go wrong.