Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vive Las Vegas!

I finally booked it today and got a great deal too..... my sisters and I are going to Las Vegas in October...I know its a long ways away but I am soooo excited!

Last year my youngest sister and I went and I made her go with me to The New Kids on The Block concert with me.......

This is how excited she was to be there.... but in my defence she did buy a tshirt and I did go see the HORRIBLE Criss Angel Cirque de Soleil show with her.....

Now I am left with the task of finding a dog sitter since the one who usually does it for me is coming along, so its a good thing I have a big family and even better they dont read the blog so they wont see it coming. If I could take them with me I would, not only do I miss them like crazy after a few days but I also cannot sleep there is just too much room in the bed!! Then there is the worry of them being ok, I am OCD about making sure they eat, drink and are ok, but I know they are well taken care and probably do not even notice I am gone.