Monday, November 22, 2010

Freaking Cold

This is how we deal with the cold in our house......


Sunday, November 21, 2010


This past year I have had to say goodbye four times, each time harder than the last. No because I loved one more than the other, but because I have not really had a chance to recover from the last one. Just when the crying every time I think of the previous one starts to be less and less, I am forced to say goodbye again. Sophie was hard to say goodbye to, very hard. I knew it was coming and even knowing does not make it any easier. We only had 3 short years together and that was definatley not enough. I am so thankful I have been home full-time the past few months as it gave me that much more time with her. After she passed away someone sent me an email and it really got me thinking of just how special she really was and really made me feel a bit better......

"I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie. She is such a sweet girl. You gave her the best years of her life, she didnt die in a shelter because of you. I guess that leaves you to hurt. I cant even imagine the roller coaster of emotions that has been your year. The really cool thing is that Sophie got to be the momma to the best thing this year in your life! She just wanted to make sure you could handle that role before she left, I guess she could see you had it under control :) I can't wait for our babies to grow up in rescue and see what we do. Learn compassion, forgiveness, and that life is precious."

I have said this many times this year that I will never get another pet, as it is too hard to say goodbye, but as much as I know the hurt, I know the love too and if another Sophie came along I would not hesitate.

So thank you to all my rescue friends for their kind words, long talks helping me to feel better about my decision and most of all thank you to Wendy for the beautiful pictures of my girl, I will cherise these forever!

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Old Friend

My Old Friend
Today I said goodbye to my old friend
I pray someday we get to meet again
Under one more clear blue sky
Up there where the eagles fly.
And we'll go walking in the sunshine
With a big smile on our face
Race the river to the ocean
Go splashing in the waves
And I'll wrap my arms around you
We'll be together once again
And I'll tell you how much I missed you
My old friend
Yeah I know you're up there looking down
On the rainbow bridge we talked about
There's a place for me and you
Somewhere up there behind the moon.
~Johnny Reid~

Thursday, November 4, 2010