Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad Momma

Why is Sophie dressed like this you ask.....because she is BAD!
Well almost a week after her surgery she scratched the incision and ripped apart 3 stitches and now has a gaping hole. We went to the vet who said to just keep flushing it out and eventually it will close itself up.
But how do you stop her from scratching?? Trust me its impossible, I am so freaking frustrated you have no idea. Its in the wrong spot for a cone & a tshirt rides too low. She sleeps in my room at night now and I do not sleep well, every little sound I wake up worried she is scratching. We make a few steps forward only for me to have to go to work and come home to her having undone what has been accomplished.

So today Tim and I fashioned this new outfit for her.

A pretty small collared shirt, a dress pin and lots of duck tape.

Oh yes and a pretty sock, snuggly duct taped in all the right places so not to fall off.

She is less than impressed, but neither am I so fair is fair!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Mom & Dad

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just wanted to let you know that we are doing well at Auntie Bobbi's house. We get to go to work everyday and visit with everyone, but for some reason we have to stay in the stupid cage thing....but its ok cause Auntie Jacquie brought in this cool bed for Auntie Bobbi's kitties but we have decided we should keep it here its nice to sleep in.

Ank is a leech according to Auntie Bobbi, not sure what that mean but I think its because he follows her everywhere, its kind of funny actually, if he cannot see her he cries like a big baby. Roxy has decide Ank is too much of a sissy for her and is moving on.

I on the otherhand am being a perfect gentleman, Auntie Bobbi says she is going to keep me.

She told us you are coming back tomorrow but we wanted to let you know its okay if you want to stay a bit longer as we are having lots of fun!

Love Auto (and Ank too!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Freaking Cute

I love taking pictures of Roxy....she poses, she smiles and she soooo freaking cute!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Safe & Sound

She's home safe & sound....not very happy withe me though as she had to spend the night at the vet clinic...or that they shaved her face to remove a spot on there too. I told she is still the prettiest girl ever.

She did very well, they only had to sedate her and use local freezing to do the surgery. She is such a good girl to do things with.

Her pretty bandages have to be changed for the next few days and on Monday I can take the drain and she is good to go.

Why is it though that I could do all sorts of stuff when I worked at the vet clinic and even to any foster dogs I have.....but when it comes to my own dogs I get nervous and grossed out? Strange I know, but I will suck it up and do it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

She's Okay!!

Jenilee texted me the above picture after Sophie's surgery along with "I'm all good mom!"....I can breath now!
After a very long talk this morning with Sophie and what she could and could not do today at the vet, I think she finally paid attention to me for once. Her big lump is gone and from what I can tell in the little picture they took a small one off her face too that I noticed a few days ago.
Thanks Jenilee for the play by play this morning, greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Sophie is going on Friday to have her lump removed. To say I am nervous and worried does not even touch how I feel. Nothing is ever easy with Sophie.

This will be attempt number three to have this done. First time was when she went in for her spay and they were going to just take it off at that time. Well a routine spay turned in to a big mess and attempt number one for Sophie to check out on me.
Attempt number two was when she had her tummy problems and they went in to find she had two holes in her intestine, after a very long surgery it was decided to leave it. Attempt number two to check out on me. And now I am starting to take it personally.
So Friday will attempt number three, no other procedures just the lump removal, she is healthly, happy, extra annoying and all her blood wook checked out well last time she was at the vet. I am nervous knowing her past history and even more nervous as it is not my regular vet. Luckily one the girls in rescue is going to watch some surgeries that day so I am going to pester her for minute by minute updates, lucky girl!
So from now until I have her home Friday night I will be a mess, so if I see you and I am grumpy, start crying for no reason or bite your head off, SORRY!!!! I do not do well with stress with it has to do with my furry kids.

Birthday Boy

My little man is 7 does time ever go by fast.